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"Am I Doing This Right? Foundations for a Successful Career and a Fulfilling Life" was written for everyone who has ever wondered, am I doing this right? when thinking about their lives and careers.

Leveraging the collective experience of hundreds of professionals, this book is the ultimate early-career desk reference! When readers finish reading this book, it is not the end, but the beginning of a successful career and a fulfilling life.

Write in the margins, highlight key insights, answer questions, and come back to this book often as your career grows!


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You get the benefits of Tony's 35 year career combined with his training from the world's best executive coaching organizations. 

Each engagement is customized to support your individual needs.  100% confidential.


Time: Typically a 12 month engagement.

Cost: 90% less than an average executive MBA. Tax deductible in some circumstances. ($$$$$)

Limited availability. 

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Use Stress to your advantage, while guarading against it's downsides. By doing so you will place the odds in your favor to continually grow in stressful times, while mitigating the many harmful effects of stress.  To learn how click the button below to read the column. 

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*****NOW AVAILABLE From AMAZON 2 March 2024!!!!!!! *****

"The River" is a series of 30 articles published in 2022-23 on personal and professional growth. These stories share lessons and advice from the author's 35-year professional career. Somewhere in these pages lies a golden nugget of wisdom that will help you in your career and life!

Examples of "The River" articles:

* Career Conversations that Matter, and a 5 step modern resume that really works!

* Surviving Performance Reviews - step by step guide

* 10 keys to adapting to personal and professional change

* 5 times when mentoring makes a difference

* 10 keys to starting a new job right

* 6 keys to getting the promotion you always wanted

* 10 tips to performing at your very best

* 5 keys to Managing your Career and Comfort Zones

* 10 keys to Making Personal Development a Priority

* Tools you can use today to manage better work/life balance

* 6 keys to dealing with adversity and personal stories to match

* 10 keys to using Stress to your advantage

* Mental Models that Make Sense, and Help Us!

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle 

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May 04, 2024

Down in Des Moines - Dealing with Self Doubt

May 04, 2024

The Superpower that Shapes your Success and Fulfillment

Apr 18, 2024


Tony Thelen

Tony is Founder and Principal Executive Coach at The River Coaching and Consulting, LLC. The goal of The River is to help executives become successful and work and at home by removing as much pain, anxiety, and stress as possible in their lives. Success is when they get A's at home and A's at work.

Tony has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University, an MBA from the University of Northern Iowa, and a post-graduate diploma from Oxford University in the UK with an emphasis in Strategy and Innovation. He is a certified Neuroleadership Coach, certified in Hogan Assessments, and accredited by the Co-Active Institiute of Coaching. He is a member of the International Federation of Coaches and the Institute of Coaching.

His career with John Deere started as a chemical engineer, then went into factory supervision roles, moved on to sales, customer support, and marketing roles, followed by 4 years in leadership roles of Deere's precision ag organization. The last 10 years of his career Tony had various leadership roles in John Deere Financial focused on sales, strategy, and digital transformation, ultimately leading to his appointment as Chief Product Officer and Strategic Advisor. In May 2023 Tony retired after 35 years with John Deere to focus full time on executive coaching.

Tony authors a blog on "The River" on LinkedIn as well as a Professional Development weekly column called "Dear Tony" that answers questions from people who are in critical parts of their career. Tony is also the lead author of the best-selling book of 2023 called "Am I Doing This Right? Foundations for a Successful Career and a Fulfilling Life".

When he's not involved in the above, he can be found doing his best to raise 3 daughters, writing, fly fishing the rivers of Colorado and Montana, or relaxing on West Okoboji Lake in NW Iowa.

Certifications / Affiliations

* International Coaching Federation

* NeuroLeadership Institute

* Hogan Leadership Assessments



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"Tony's mentoring has been really impactful to different aspects of my career.  Beginning with tools and techniques to manage stress and anxiety to helping me move from tactical roles to strategic roles."

- Florencia Marinelli Controller

"Tony's mentoring and guidance really helped me navigate what it looks like to develop a career where I can create opportunities to perform my best and contribute the most"

- Carl Wiedemeier
Mgr, Product Test & Evaluation

" Tony's practical advice and timely stories based on years of experience offered perspective and guidance.....his keynote presentation to our accounting and business students kept them engaged, and they left with confidence and excitement."

Professor Joseph Ugrin
University of Northern Iowa, Head of Dept. of Accounting

 **** NOW AVAILABLE ****

Starting 15 April 2024 Hogan Assessments are now available

Unlock the power of understanding your potential with Hogan Assessments! As a certified practitioner, I bring you the tools to better understand the following: 

1) How you show up day 

2) How you show up under stress 

3) Your motivations and values

The Hogan Assessment and de-brief is THE ULTIMATE development tool to take your career and life to the next level. 


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